Wednesday, 25 June 2008

From HOC to bag!

This bag started off life on it's journey into being a pillow (HOC) but really the colours were not diverse enough for a true Harem of Colour. So, decided that a bag would fit the bill! Some batting and a lining added and here it is!


Genie said...

Love the colours

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Your Magical Forest pillow is truly gorgeous as is your purse. Hugs Judy

Ann O'Donovan, Devon, UK said...

Thanks Judy!

Maggie R said...

Oh My..... I am a "Bag Nut" and I LOVE this bag....I love everything about it! When in doubt.make a bag!!!!
YOur pillow is fabulous too.... You are an inspiration.... Thanks so much.

Ann O'Donovan, Devon, UK said...

Thank you Maggie for visiting and leaving nice comments! :)
I have since changed the charm on the bag to a silver one with hearts with pale pink gems!!

MaksiTaksi said...

Wow, that bag is awesome. I like making bags myself and I love the bag you made.
Hug from Maks

Ann O'Donovan, Devon, UK said...

Thank you for the kind comments- it was fun to make!