Thursday, 13 March 2008

Well, here we are-the 9 graduates eagerly awaiting the competition day!

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Graduates, competition and more punching fun!

Well, all 3 pillows completed for the certification process, photos uploaded and Power Point presentations completed! Phew, so much to get through but pleased to say that get through we did and 9 people made the grade!
The next step was to wait for the Punching Idol contest in which the 9 of us would be able to participate.

What would we have to create? I was thinking, most likely a pillow of some type but what would it be?Hmmm, what things were needed, what supplies should I get?...

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Maestoso.....enter the RA!

Majestically he enters- the great sun god RA......or at least the pillow inspired by him!

This is indeed a majestic pillow, in royal purple tones with gold sun rays and decorative stitching to symbolise the geometric architecture of Egypt; the sun rays glisten in the light and the night stars twinkle against the black sky. It is also a majestic pillow in terms of size and weight, all of which help to portray the grandeur of royalty. Not an easy one to photograph well but then "beauty " shots of gods are hard to achieve on the best of days!
Lots of new techniques were employed in creating this pillow and also new presser feet for the sewing machine. One of the amazing things about the punching technique devised by C. Nejman for this pillow, is the transformation of heavy satin into suede, well into suede look alike- you need to try it to see for yourself!
The embellisher or punching machine is indeed magical in the way it transforms fabric into something else- each fabric reacting in it's own way. As they say "You've got to try it to believe it!" I do hope that by coming along with me on this adventure in punching land you are now tempted to do that very thing-give it a try!

New Harem of Colour now revealed!

Things are hotting up and lots to do!
I have now completed my new HOC pillow so am revealing that today- I hope that you can see the jewel tones present and almost "feel" the luxurious feel that this pillow has? It catches the light beautifully - glistens and gleams- very opulent.
The third and final pillow needed for the challenge is the RA- based on the Egyptian sun god himself. This pillow is the "grand" one with it's stature and regal lines. Lots of punching, decorative stitching and more!
My RA pillow is ready and awaiting it's final "beauty" shot to try and capture the majesty of this creation. Get ready for the grand entrance.....