Saturday, 10 May 2008

The Magical Forest of Good and Evil

Here it is, my Magical Forest of Good and Evil pillow. The light and dark sections of the base are the punched pantyhose-amazingly easy to work with once you get going!
If you look carefully you will see the spiders' web and this has a black swarovski crystal attached for the spider. Watch out!! There is also a snake about!
Sadly, I didn't quite make the top 3 but came in 4th so not too disappointing, especially when I finally got to see the top 3! Well done to the 3 top winners-some great prizes won! You can check out the winning pillows on

All 9 pillows were wonderful and unique and showed that we all approached this task in different ways. Well done to all the entrants- we are all winners really as we have learnt so much and come a long way since those early days of punching. Please check out the other certificated Christopher Nejman educators to see the pillows created by my fellow punchers. I am sure that you will gain ideas and inspiration from each one.

So, the question is- how is your adventure in punching land going?.......