Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Tropical Winds are blowing!

Well, the forecast is that Tropical Winds are soon to hit these shores!.....
Don't worry, we are not talking about the hurricanes, but the pillows created by Christopher Nejman and given that name... this is the first shot of my newly completed Tropical Winds pillow following the techniques from the book (page 119). This was a hard task and covered new techniques but from wondering where this pillow was going in the early stages of the punching, I now love the colours and the flow.
I hope that I have captured some of the spirit and feeling intended and am pleased to launch this Tropical Wind to these shores! Can you feel it?......

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Fine tuning of the HOC and the next challenges!

So, here I was - FCA in the making and now came the real hard work!
Although my first attempt at the HOC pillow worked quite well, the fabric choices did not really reflect and portray the image of the jewel tones of India so my first pillow was renamed by C. Nejman as "Out at lunch on the sea" and I was back at the start with my HOC to redo.

This was all good practice for me to perfect the techniques that are essential for this signature pillow designed by Christopher Nejman. I was more confident about using my embellishing machine and also trying new presser feet and sewing skills. Version 2 of the HOC is now a work in progress, so watch out for its release soon!

Meanwhile, further challenges had been set- the Tropical Winds (TW) and Ra pillows. Now, they looked amazing in the book but I could see much hard work ahead of me if I was to get these correct. Sourcing and choosing fabrics and trims was the first challenge to be overcome, and that certainly was a major one!
Whilst working on the TW pillow I had the great fortune and honour of being invited to join the master teacher certification online group. This invitation I accepted not knowing fully what I was about to embark upon...Little did I know!

There is much to learn in order to become a master FCA and sometimes things don't always go the way that I hope, but slowly I am working towards my certification, with 3 pillows now under construction. I am also learning to use my eye for colour and photography and keeping a digital portfolio of my steps along the way- the ones that work and the ones that don't!

This is certainly an adventure, not knowing what challenge is around the corner. Sometimes the ride is bumpy and sometimes smooth but it is SO exciting to be here and I will certainly be a different person when I get there...wherever that may be!!

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Arrival of the book and the first challenge!

Exciting day when the parcel from the USA arrived containing my copy of Christopher Nejman's book "Pillows- Designer Sewing Techniques" and DVD finally arrived!
I eagerly opened the parcel and looked through the book- the pillows were amazing to see but I thought no way can I do that! Not the correct mind set at all!! So, panic over I went shopping with book in hand to see what I could find to start the first challenge that had been set- the Harem of Colour pillow on page 25, soon to be known as HOC.
Punching was fun using fine exotic fabrics such as satins,silks, lame and eyelash fabrics. The sewing techniques were hard at first, but practising paid off and they were completed. Other steps were incorporated to add the glitz and shine of the jewels to portray this Harem of Colour.

I learnt many things whilst doing this first pillow:how to look at things from a different perspective, new techniques which stretched me, the joy when it worked and all done with the help of the patient teachers on the entry group and many helpful suggestions from the very patient man himself, Christopher Nejman, who was kindly giving his time to help myself and others out along the way . I was now becoming a FCA at last- A Fibre Construction Artist!

It is amazing to think that I am able to participate and learn in a group that is based in another part of the world but we are becoming unified and all pulling together to develop this new exciting way of creating. I am so glad that I am able to be part of this adventure in punching land!
The challenges are difficult at times, but this is an adventure and who knows where it may lead...