Monday, 28 April 2008

The competition!

Competition time was here-finally all would be revealed!

This was to involve working in a slightly different way in that we were to be given a title to work from with a list of what could and couldn't be included in our creations. This meant allowing our own ideas and creativity to be more involved as there wasn't a photo or picture of a finished product to base our work on. Could be exciting, could be scary but what was the title?

The Magical Forest of Good and Evil : This pillow was to made using a special product in the base punching; I wonder, did I have the correct thing? Well the surprise was that we had to incorporate pantyhose ! Yes, you did read that correctly!!
The pillow should also show Christopher's signature technique of free motion stitching as used on the Harem of Colour, as much or as little as suited our theme.
3 days to create a pillow, take 14 beauty shots, step by step photos and notes, and turn this into a PowerPoint presentation. No stress then!! I wish!
Life was hectic in this household whilst I was undertaking my task-threads seemed to be everywhere, on the cats, on the dog, on the food! It's amazing how the little bits seem to stick to your clothes and unaware you distribute them around!!