Saturday, 20 February 2010

Celebrity Bags is launched!

Well the long awaited launch date for Christopher's new book "Celebrity Bags" has been reached and the book is busy winging its' way to all areas of the globe!
This time Christopher opted for a book in CD format so that the instructions could be viewed on your PC screen, which means very clear instructions, clickable links and the ability to view just the page you want at a time. Lots of super photographs to ooh and ahh over as well!

So, fancy learning the secrets to making a designer bag?

Want people to say "Where did you buy that bag?"

Want to own something special that looks a million $?

Then check out the new Celebrity Bags CD book by Christopher Nejman!!

Thursday, 28 January 2010

A Star is Born!

I wanted to create something unusual for a surprise present so pillow ideas were going through my head! I knew that I wanted it to "fit" into a bedroom make-over that was going to be happening soon and found out that the colour theme would be black/white/sparkly. It was also to be made for someone special, who is a star, so that was my starting point.
This was a very organic creative process that developed as I made it and final colours were decided upon once I came across the unusual beaded trim. Lots of satin, metallic threads, angelina fibres later and a star is born!

This pillow is named "Twinkle Little Star"! Hope you like it.

Close up details of Twinkle Little Star!