Saturday, 20 February 2010

Celebrity Bags is launched!

Well the long awaited launch date for Christopher's new book "Celebrity Bags" has been reached and the book is busy winging its' way to all areas of the globe!
This time Christopher opted for a book in CD format so that the instructions could be viewed on your PC screen, which means very clear instructions, clickable links and the ability to view just the page you want at a time. Lots of super photographs to ooh and ahh over as well!

So, fancy learning the secrets to making a designer bag?

Want people to say "Where did you buy that bag?"

Want to own something special that looks a million $?

Then check out the new Celebrity Bags CD book by Christopher Nejman!!

Thursday, 28 January 2010

A Star is Born!

I wanted to create something unusual for a surprise present so pillow ideas were going through my head! I knew that I wanted it to "fit" into a bedroom make-over that was going to be happening soon and found out that the colour theme would be black/white/sparkly. It was also to be made for someone special, who is a star, so that was my starting point.
This was a very organic creative process that developed as I made it and final colours were decided upon once I came across the unusual beaded trim. Lots of satin, metallic threads, angelina fibres later and a star is born!

This pillow is named "Twinkle Little Star"! Hope you like it.

Close up details of Twinkle Little Star!

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

From HOC to bag!

This bag started off life on it's journey into being a pillow (HOC) but really the colours were not diverse enough for a true Harem of Colour. So, decided that a bag would fit the bill! Some batting and a lining added and here it is!

Saturday, 10 May 2008

The Magical Forest of Good and Evil

Here it is, my Magical Forest of Good and Evil pillow. The light and dark sections of the base are the punched pantyhose-amazingly easy to work with once you get going!
If you look carefully you will see the spiders' web and this has a black swarovski crystal attached for the spider. Watch out!! There is also a snake about!
Sadly, I didn't quite make the top 3 but came in 4th so not too disappointing, especially when I finally got to see the top 3! Well done to the 3 top winners-some great prizes won! You can check out the winning pillows on

All 9 pillows were wonderful and unique and showed that we all approached this task in different ways. Well done to all the entrants- we are all winners really as we have learnt so much and come a long way since those early days of punching. Please check out the other certificated Christopher Nejman educators to see the pillows created by my fellow punchers. I am sure that you will gain ideas and inspiration from each one.

So, the question is- how is your adventure in punching land going?.......

Monday, 28 April 2008

The competition!

Competition time was here-finally all would be revealed!

This was to involve working in a slightly different way in that we were to be given a title to work from with a list of what could and couldn't be included in our creations. This meant allowing our own ideas and creativity to be more involved as there wasn't a photo or picture of a finished product to base our work on. Could be exciting, could be scary but what was the title?

The Magical Forest of Good and Evil : This pillow was to made using a special product in the base punching; I wonder, did I have the correct thing? Well the surprise was that we had to incorporate pantyhose ! Yes, you did read that correctly!!
The pillow should also show Christopher's signature technique of free motion stitching as used on the Harem of Colour, as much or as little as suited our theme.
3 days to create a pillow, take 14 beauty shots, step by step photos and notes, and turn this into a PowerPoint presentation. No stress then!! I wish!
Life was hectic in this household whilst I was undertaking my task-threads seemed to be everywhere, on the cats, on the dog, on the food! It's amazing how the little bits seem to stick to your clothes and unaware you distribute them around!!

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Well, here we are-the 9 graduates eagerly awaiting the competition day!

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Graduates, competition and more punching fun!

Well, all 3 pillows completed for the certification process, photos uploaded and Power Point presentations completed! Phew, so much to get through but pleased to say that get through we did and 9 people made the grade!
The next step was to wait for the Punching Idol contest in which the 9 of us would be able to participate.

What would we have to create? I was thinking, most likely a pillow of some type but what would it be?Hmmm, what things were needed, what supplies should I get?...